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måndag 30 april 2012

Thoughts Written on a Blue Evening with Bonfires

What do you think about the meaning
of poetry and literature and art?
For some, a well-rhymed poem leaves them dreaming,
for others poetry’s a thing apart
from what they call reality, but I
think poetry’s the thing that makes us live or die.

Imagine what’s reality, you think of it.
You’ll never fathom all of it, for sure.
You only catch a minute glimpse of it,
Rather than certain, it remains obscure.

Now what you - I - all of us can do
to get a notion of all this chaos, is to pluck
some fractions of it, randomly. With luck
you’ll set a world, that helps you live, in motion.
It’s poetry, art, fiction that will make it.
It makes life possible if you don’t fake it.

The poem © David Dickson  30 april 2012 

The pictures:
Epic Blue Evening, oil on canvas
by Rich Bowman
source: Kansas City Art Institute Art Notes  
To view more of his art or to buy his paintings
Go to Blue Gallery online 

Chaos Art Wallpaper
artist unknown
Source: Desktop Wallpaper Gallery
(If this picture is missing at my blog,
click the above link and then return
to the blog - usually the picture will
then appear here)

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