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måndag 3 januari 2011

EDUCATION: Roots of Stanley Fish's "classical turn" I

I got interested in the sources for Stanley Fish’s discussion on education for the future - Leigh A. Bortins is one of them. Bortins is a driving force in a movement for Christian home education. What classical models of education are favoured by Bortins? What is her approach to science, I asked, and reading under the headline ”Challenge: Loving Life and Loving Learning” I found one of the challenges is ”apologia sciences”.

The term "apologia sciences" led me to the home page of Apologia Educational Ministries subheadlined ”Learn, Live and Defend the Faith”,  advertising ”an elementary science curriculum that is truly God honoring, user friendly, and scientifically sound”.

Is this a leading star for Fish's "classical turn"? (Cathedral of Firenze. Photo DD)

One question is - does the connection here between Stanley Fish’s call for classical learning and the creationist movement disqualify his idea of a ”classical turn of education”?  Or should Fish’s well-known eclectic model of thought be given the benefit of the doubt once more, trusting him to be onto something pragmatically useful after all?

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