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onsdag 9 november 2011

A statement to the nation - a statement to the world

The people of Ohio makes a statement to the nation.
Quite possibly, this is a historical moment. Tired of speculators, tired of schools and libraries being closed down, tired of the conservative obstruction of a decent system for medical care, and tired of the attacks on the public good nationwide, the people of Ohio has voted down a law intended to restrict labor rights in their state. In the Tuesday 11/8 referendum the anti-worker bill was rejected by a strong 61% majority of voters.

Right now, banks and bankers, speculators and shareholders are securing money to flow their way worldwide. It is a revolution taking place. Nations are being forced to large-scale spending cuts redirecting the flow of wealth from the public good to the bank accounts of speculators.

At this point, the powerful counterstatement from the people of the State of Ohio in the USA may be of global significance. In the ”Occupy Wall Street” movement, the unrest in Wisconsin earlier this year, and in today’s rejection of the anti-labor bill in Ohio we might witness the beginning of a sensible and rational alternative to economic greed gone haywire. No doubt, the peoples of Greece and Italy may find inspiration in this US American movement.

Here's MSNBC's report on the results of the Ohio referendum:

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