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fredag 4 mars 2011

POLITICS: Links to news about US labor protests

For the benefit of my US American blog visitors, I've collected a few news links with information about the present attack on the bargaining rights of labor unions.

To my mind, what's happening in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Idaho and elsewhere in the US where state governments are passing laws against collective bargaining is an attack against democracy itself. Accessing information, news and discussion about this is vital.

I begin with a few newslinks, and I will appreciate any contributions of further links to news media reflecting the struggle for democracy today and yesterday in the USA

CNN March 4 on the attack on labour bargaining rights:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
US Labor crisis

(Thanks to Lars Nilsson-Lund for this link)

Democracy Now TV news
Democracy Now report on 100 000 strong rally in Wisconsin Saturday February 28
Democracy Now on March 3 - Bad reporting about Wisconsin exposed
NAOMI KLEIN March 9: resistance against the shock doctrine

Daily Kos: State of the Nation

Obama on Wisconsin labor unrest
on Real Clear Politics

Republican senator: "Why are these leftists so angry? Our Tea Party rally was more peaceful"

NEW LINK Meet the Press March 5 2011: panel discussion

NEW LINK March 6 2011:  Walker threatens lay-off
(E. D. Kain)

The latest Wisconsin news:
March 7, 2011:
Neither side is budging in Wisconsin's epic fight over union rights,

NEW LINK: The latest local news, Madison WI
Columnist page
by Bill Fletcher Jr. March 02, 2011
"Why Should We Care about the Arab Democratic Revolt"

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